Our Business Model

UBM seeks to help companies make connections, communicate their proposition and do business effectively.

We transfer the skills, knowledge and experience we gain in serving one community across and between markets, transferring best practice and innovation from one community to another, from one geography to another and from one product type to another. We enable the flow of information from one company to many, directing messages and assessing their impact on specific audiences.


We operate in a variety of specialist communities which have attractive growth characteristics. We seek to know who’s who in the community, build relationships with key participants, create rich databases of relevance to those professionals, understand the key themes affecting their community, their information needs and how they operate. It is through this thorough understanding that we are able to service them most effectively.


By having a broad range of quality services and products we can create an offering specifically designed to meet the needs of the community being served. As marketers use a wider range of media products in their integrated, cross-media campaigns, being able to offer a full range of products and services is increasingly important. Our main focus in on Events, particularly large trade shows. We aim to have events of the highest quality which continue to satisfy the needs of the sectors we serve.


The emergence of a truly global economy, coupled with the shift towards digital media leads us to believe that diverse geographic experience and infrastructure is advantageous. It also provides us with access to high growth opportunities in Emerging Markets and quality revenues from more mature markets.